How coaching works

With the help of questions, I support you to get to the heart of the matter and find creative solutions to problems you may have been struggling with for years. The answers are always in you, I just help you find them.

In a coaching session with me you can address issues related to life-work balance, stress, managing emotions, relationship, health, career and money

“A few sessions with Dana helped me more than months of psychotherapy.” KELLY JONES, Australia

I can provide support where you need it most.

In my experience, driven, perfectionist professionals
(like you) get stuck in one or all of the following dilemmas


You have bought for years into the model of happiness that is presented by society. You have struggled to have the important job, the family, the car, the exotic travels…but all this left you exhausted and unfulfilled.

I can help you shed the overwhelm, guilt and fatigue that is weighing you down.

And then help you identify your unique way that leads to fulfilment.


Your job is important for you. It brings you recognition and financial status. It is your way of contributing to the world. However, recently you feel exhausted and demotivated. You would like to have more time for yourself, but you do not see how.

I can help you understand what is holding you back, reconnect with yourself and bring balance and joy in your private and professional life.


No matter how long you sleep (when you sleep!) or how resting your holidays might be, you feel exhausted most of the time.

What you might not know is that most of our energy is trapped in subconscious patterns aimed at repressing unwanted emotions or traumas from the past.

I can guide you to identify these subconscious patterns and heal them in order to recover your energy.

Most of my work is focused on helping you to get in touch with your subconscious mind. From that space, you discover that you are the architect of your own miracle.

I offer a secure space where you can feel accepted the way you are. There is no judgement in my coaching. It is my belief that our inability to accept ourselves the way we are is what actually holds us back. You might think that beating yourself up for your perceived shortcomings will take you forward. But actually this it is what keeps you from having clarity about your life.

Each session is different because each person is different, I do not believe in one size fits all! This being said, I often guide my clients to feel the emotions in their bodies, to get in touch with their subconscious mind and to use healing visualisations.

All sessions take place on Zoom and they last one hour. All you need is decent internet connexion and a place in your house where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the call.

Change starts with a single step!

And that first step could be as simple as scheduling a no-cost discovery call to see if I’m the right person to help you make your difference.

My Methods

Clients with whom I had the privilege of working individually told me more than once that a meeting with me helped them more than months of psychotherapy. This is because I use brief therapy methods that give results quickly.

To keep offering my clients the best in transformational coaching, I have been collecting certificates, qualifications and professional development experiences for almost a decade. I’m certified in Hypnotherapy, Family Constellations Facilitation and OSHO meditative therapies.

Most importantly I have more than 1000 hours of practical experience. I do not use any technique that I have not seen working for me first.

“Dana’s coaching is powerful.  She puts you at ease and then deals with your issues in a non- condemning method.  I had results in the first session.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to have release in their life.  Her value exceeds her price.” KURT STEELE