Does this sound like you? 


You don’t sleep well

You constantly WORRY about the future, or play out worst-case scenarios in your head 


You feel you are not getting what you want from your job, sometimes that you are in the wrong profession altogether 

You are always PUTTING YOURSELF LAST on your list of priorities 

You would like to establish new, healthy habits but you do not know where to start, you feel STUCK

What do you get from the Avoid Burnout Programme? 

ENERGY for the rest of the day: the programme helps you increase your vitality and find emotional balance 

Eliminate stress and overwhelm  

A break from your hectic schedule of teleconferences and daily tasks. 

Overall reduction in anxiety-producing thoughts and habits 


Avoidance of stress-induced illnesses like headaches, muscle pain and high blood pressure 


“ME TIME!”: ensuring that you put yourself first for as little as 3 hours a week/ 1 hour every few days 

FOCUS save precious time by performing your tasks faster and with less errors. 

Improved ability to put negative events in the proper PERSPECTIVE 

Greater CONTROL over thought patterns 

Overall feeling of PEACE

No time for another activity in your already crazy week?

Just think about the time you spend worrying that your life is not heading in the right direction. Think about the empty hours spent on social media or watching junk television . That is way more than 3 hours a week. In addition, these activities only add to your stress and to your feeling of exhaustion. 

How about investing the already little time you have for yourself in something that really relaxes you? In something that gives back 100% interest in terms of energy and good vibes? 

Studies show that as little as 20 minutes of deep relaxation are the equivalent of 5 to 6 hours of sleep. It is like adding up to 3 nights a week to your sleep budget. 

How it works 

With the help of voice and music I guide you into deep relaxation. 

No previous practice is needed. In this session you are NOT required to do anything! You only need to let go of the tension accumulated during the day/week/month (!)  

You will NOT be asked to sit silently on a meditation pillow in an uncomfortable position and to quiet your mind. If you already tried this, you’ve probably already realised that the mind does not want to be quieted.


You might have noticed that the more you try, the worse the internal chatter gets. You probably left such session with some additional body pain caused by the uncomfortable position. Instead of relaxing, your body was more tensed than ever because of the effort of not moving any muscle. Consequently you probably also decided that meditation required a lot of effort and it was not for you. 

Instead of forcing your mind into silence, in the “Avoid Burnout Programme” you will learn to refocus your attention from constant worrying and self-criticism to a space of peace and calm. From this empowering space you can approach any challenge of life with joy and confidence ( angry boss, complaining spouse, no spouse(!), sick kids, grumpy dog, etc). 

I will gently guide you to reach this space within yourself without any effort on your side. Your body will be laying comfortably on your bed or in your favourite armchair. You will most of the times feel so light as if coming back from the Spa. It is really like going to the mind spa! There is no hot steam and water involved but the wellbeing sensation after the session is comparable. It is just as effective in relaxing and giving you that bust of endorphins that you so desperately need.  

You will be able to join a one-hour live session on Zoom from the comfort of your own home up to 3 times a week.   

You missed a zoom session? No worries! As a bonus, you get access to the Member’s Area. Here you can find the recordings of the sessions and a wealth of other meditations that you can enjoy at your own pace. 

You will be accompanied 100% of the time. Unlike other online classes, in this programme you will be able to ask questions relating to your own situation and get guidance. You will benefit from quotes from famous teachers, scientists and psychologists and you will join a vibrant community of likeminded people. And all this with a lot of humour, compassion and love for ourselves and for others. 

Does it really work? 100% yes! Click here to see what our Happy Clients say about it.  

What You Get For A Monthly Subscription

3 live Zoom sessions of 1 hour every week (that is 12 sessions a month) 125 €

Recording of the sessions to practice at home

A structure to keep you on track – priceless

Access to more than 50 hours of relaxation sessions to enjoy in your own time (check out the video presenting the Member’s Area above or check it out at Avoid Burnout Programme – Dana Iliescu (dana-iliescu.com)) 200 €

BONUS 1: First Session For Free (no credit card needed) 10 €

BONUS 2: One individual coaching session for free 100 €

Money Back guarantee, no questions asked 14 days into the programme

Get your Avoid Burnout Programme monthly subscription for only: 435 € 125 €

What makes this course different? 

Clear action 


Personalised support


Who is this Programme for? 

This Programme is for YOU if:

You do not know how to cope with stress anymore, you feel trapped in “doing mode”,

You feel that despite your success in life, there is a part missing,

You are looking for a way to bring balance into your life.  

This is also not for everybody, it is for the bold, for those who really want to change their lives for the better and who are prepared to take action in that direction NOW! 

You are protected with Our Peace of Mind Guarantee for 14 days

Three hours a week might seem a big commitment for you, you might not be sure this course will work or that you will like it. That’s understandable!  

To prove that this will be the single best investment you can make for yourself and your life you will receive the Peace of mind guarantee.

 If in 14 Days you feel this programme is not for you, you get 100% refund on your programme.  

Join today and get started with the Avoid Burnout Programme and the guarantee will automatically apply.