ianuarie 3, 2023

Coaching with Dana has changed my life.  She has a gentle, persistent way of moving right to the root of my frustrations and helping me clear out the old, irrelevant energy.  Her calm, consistent nature is peaceful and relaxing.  I was plagued by an event that I truly believe I would never get over.  Dana gently helped me move through the pain and helped me see the full truth of the situation.   Thank you, Dana, for honoring me right where I am.

decembrie 31, 2022

Dana is a magician! She nailed my problem in no time and helped me access the thoughts I had been pushing down for too long. With her gentle guidance, I could release my anxiety and set the first step to use my brain energy for creativity instead of worrying.

Crete, Grece
decembrie 30, 2022

THANK YOU Dana Iliescu for this marvelous day ❤️🙏.

For me it was special PRECIOUS as I got the chance to experience Dana’s outstanding skills as a facilitator for family constellation. I only can highly recommend everybody to work with her! Dana’s sensitive, calm and thoroughly authentic and loving way of guiding a group through intense experiences is amazing!

Crete, Grece
decembrie 30, 2022
Dana worked methodically from the very beginning, with obvious confidence, absolutely possessing all the steps and their exact timing. She guided us softly, very gently, with respect and discretion. I was amazed that in awkward moments of „crisis” or hesitation she literally facilitated the embarrassing situation with just a question or a short phrase and with the most subtle touch!
She permitted all the participants to explore and experience their roles in depth, allowing the meddling with our real life experiences. 
She led us in conclusion and out of our roles in a magically short and clever way!
I left with a deep sense of relief, love, care, justice, tenderness, gratitude and ultimately Peace, for myself and all beings! Isn’t this what every human needs?
Thank you,
In Gratitude 🙏
Damaruki Devi
Czech Republic
decembrie 19, 2022

Thank you Dana for an incredible session I had around curing my worm phobia. I had this panic fear for more than 40 years. There were times when I couldn’t even think about it or see it in a book. So I was very curious about the method and how it can help me. I would never thought that I could sit with my phobia and actually feel calm and relaxed.

After our session I felt at ease, in my power and it seemed to be no longer an issue which is unbelievable. I opened my son’s book and I saw just a picture of a funny worm looking at me. I haven’t met a real one yet because it is winter here but I am no longer scared and I am actually confident and looking forward to meeting one. I know I can handle it. For me a huge step is already the fact that I don’t freak out when someone says the word or I see it somewhere.

So THANK YOU for that huge shift in my consciousness. This method really works miracles. I highly recommend it.

decembrie 15, 2022

I had a nice and helpful session with Dana. Dana guided me very clearly and was able to help me with my arachnophobia. We did few simple and easy practises. In the beginning I could feel anxiety around my chest, Heart Raising and shortness of breath when Dana asked me to imagine the first experience with Spiders. After the session when I was asked to imagine it again, the feeling was only a very subtle feeling of alertness in my chest and went away fast. If you have a phobia I can warmly recommend trying a session with Dana 🙂

decembrie 8, 2022

Amazed and impressed with my session with Dana! She managed to help cure a deep rooted phobia that I have had for decades and that has held me back in so many ways. The session was amazing and powerful and I immediately felt a difference. I am so excited and relieved to have overcome this fear and can’t wait for the freedom it is going to bring me in many areas of my life! Thank you so much Dana! Highly highly recommended!

Crete, Grece
decembrie 6, 2022

Dana is very sweet and very helpful and I think she has the tools for a more calm life, without stress.I would suggest to try her therapy.

februarie 25, 2022

A big thank you to you Dana Iliescu for this moment of sharing with you.

Do not hesitate to contact her and get a coaching session if you are looking to find strength, energy and support.

februarie 25, 2022

Dana is a person who is very attentive and who puts you at ease right away. We analysed my stress and physical pain with the help of visualization techniques. It made me feel better after the session.

Thank you Dana!

februarie 25, 2022

Dana is a gifted, compassionate and extremely skilled practitioner in the Art & Science of helping people through known and unknown traumas that have been stored in the body for so many years and often manifest as anxiety, fear, overwhelm and self-doubt. In my session, Dana’s caring voice, calm wisdom and insightful reflections made me feel safe. She helped to shine a light so that I could see myself more clearly and created a container of trust and safety that put me at ease. This allowed for an internal permission, a green light that made meaningful self-inquiry more possible.

It’s clear that Dana truly cares and is dedicated to helping facilitate personal evolution within each one of her clients, showing up with a kind-hearted and directed presence that both honours where you are and leads you where you strive to be.

februarie 25, 2022

Getting coached by Dana was a really good experience. She listened to whatever I had on my mind with empathy and gave me some very specific tools that I can use to face challenging situations with ease. Moreover, she answered all my questions with patience. Thanks a lot Dana 🙂

februarie 25, 2022

I had a wonderful coaching session with Dana. For years, I had this voice in my head that was all negative and judgemental. It really stole my peace from me. It bothered me a lot. With Dana’s help, I realised that this voice is not me. And it’s deep rooted in my childhood. All the emotions came out. I realised a lot about my past and my life. I learnt to love the child in me(my younger self). There came feelings of love and happiness. I felt lighter. And now that voice doesn’t bother me anymore. I have never felt so good and free in years. I can’t thank you enough. What a change you have made in my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dana!

august 24, 2021

Working with Dana enabled me to resolve my issues and to feel empowered and ready to re-engage with life. I returned to a safe way of thinking, feeling balanced and back in control. Most notably feeling like I have a choice in situations where it felt that I didn’t.

martie 29, 2021

Dana’s coaching is powerful. She puts you at ease and deals with issues that are deep.  She gets to the root of the issue.  She puts you at ease and then deals with your issues in a non- condemning method.  I had results in the first session.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to have release in their life.  Her value exceeds her price.  Get results now!

martie 29, 2021

Dana’s methods helped me stop worrying, sometimes even fully stop my thoughts for a bit of time. And during these slow downs and stops, while my mind was much more quiet,  somehow issues started appearing differently. They were not miraculously solved, they are still there, however I am calmer, take things easier, I start noticing things about me that I did not before. I sleep better, eat less, listen to myself more, judge less. It simply feels good. Also, as this a programme in which more people participate and as it has a clear schedule, week after week, it brought me the discipline of not giving up when giving up could have been easier. Dana is the most empathic person I have ever known, she understands, sees, she’s asking questions, she spots well and never, ever gives you any bad feeling about yourself. It simply feels good.

martie 29, 2021

Dana’s Programme was a blessing for me, it gave me the opportunity to start the day right, not hurrying up but starting from connection with myself and embodiment. I felt calm and connected, filled with sences, it helped to  stop the thoughts chain and to have positive affirmation and perception. It was a nice support and the opportunity to take care of myself, of my health and well being. Dana’s manner is filled with much care. Thank you very much, Dana!

martie 29, 2021

I had the opportunity to attend both group and individual sessions lead by Dana. Both experiences were very helpful to me. Dana structures her group sessions in a way that enables you to understand the method and to set your work theme right from the beginning.
Dana facilitated the sessions with a calm voice, with openness and a style that supports the development of the introspection process.

martie 22, 2021


Dana has a pleasant voice, so her meditations, relaxations and hypnoses are calming and soothing. Every week of the club is a surprise – sometimes we try out something brand new, other times we return to some of our favourites. She relies on a variety of sources, so we can benefit from quotes and methods from diverse spiritual leaders and schools. The frequency three times a week feels just right. A break between the club mornings gives me space to digest the quote of the day and reflect how it relates to my own life. One of the greatest benefits of the programme is that Dana provides for free the recordings of her meditations and hypnoses. With the recordings I can practice the exercise of the week more often if I want to, or I can come back to my favourite recordings from the past. Dana keeps herself updated with new techniques and we can fully benefit from her fresh approach, enthusiasm and passion.

martie 22, 2021

The essence is the travel, not the destination. For me, being a member of Dana’s Avoid Burnout club compares to an exciting (and never ending) journey towards my better self. Great variety of meditations carefully chosen by Dana, inspiring quotes and practical exercises combined with a great spirit of community have already allowed me to reach the furthest corners of my body and soul, and the best is, I am certain, yet to come. I highly recommend joining the Avoid Professional Burnout Programme to everyone who wants to improve their quality of life, get rid of bad habits and is looking for tools to better manage daily stress. 

martie 22, 2021

I like very much to be in Dana’s programme. Her way of presenting the relaxation sessions enriched with her personal stories and the words of wise people makes the morning class very special.

martie 1, 2021

The sessions guided by Dana are magnificent explorations and teachings. Presence, depth, connection, Dana always accompanied me so that I felt safe. Thanks Dana ❤️