They Are Short

The cool thing about brief therapies is stated already in their name, THEY ARE SHORT! Unlike psychotherapy that can take years and an impressive amount of money out of your pocket, brief therapies are designed to give results in a few sessions. Because what you want is to deal with the problem and enjoy the rest of your life not to invest the rest of your life dealing with the problem, isn’t it?

They Can Be Efficient From The First Session

The second cool thing about brief therapies is that THEY WORK! We are used to think that because we have been struggling with a problem for years it should take years also to solve it. Or another common error is to think that the intensity of our struggle with a certain issue indicates that is can be solved only by following a long and arduous process. And this is not the case at all. Brief therapy can be efficient from the first session. For example, hypnosis has an impressive track record of healing phobias and addictions in less than 3 session.

What are Brief Therapies?

When a therapist and patient endeavour to get from Point A (the problem that led to therapy) to Point B (the resolution that ends therapy) via a direct, parsimonious, and efficient route, we say that they are deliberately engaging in brief therapy. The approach is intended to be quick and helpful, nothing extraneous, no beating around the bush.  (Brief Therapy: A Psychotherapy Concept | Milton H. Erickson Foundation (

Hypnosis and Family Constellations are among the most effective brief therapy methods. I am going to briefly (!) talk about each of them in the following sections.


Hypnosis — or hypnotherapy — uses guided relaxation, intense concentration or focused attention in order to enable you to reach your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the repository of all your beliefs, habits, and memories. Once you reach the subconscious level, you can have access to childhood memories that you thought you had long forgotten, understand dysfunctional patterns of behaviour and change them if you chose so. It also enables you to get into a deep sate of relaxation that enhances the self-healing processes of the body. 

Hypnosis proved very efficient over time in: 

  • Healing trauma, phobias, fears and anxiety 
  • Increasing professional performance 
  • Pain control  
  • Overcoming addictions
  • Increasing motivation. 

Family Constellations 

In today’s society you hear more and more of exhausted people, in functional burnout. What these people do not know is that they use huge amounts of energy in subconscious processes related to family traumas. In addition, such traumas are often unknown to them because they happened so long ago. 

Family constellations (also known as systemic constellations) is an alternative group therapy method. It enables you to understand and heal possible dysfunctional patterns of behaviour that have been passed down in your family.

The group and the facilitator support you in uncovering and therefore solving various problems that prevent you from living a fulfilled life. Consequently, impressive amounts of energy become available to you. You can use this new energy in everyday life, for more creative purposes. 

Family Constellations are a potential therapy method for people who: 

  • Are in search of personal and professional success 
  • Are seeking to address negative or harmful relationship patterns 
  • Want to be in a romantic relationship 
  • Are attempting to resolve family entanglement 
  • Have experienced significant trauma and loss

The results of such a session are impressive and most of the times unexpected. For example, in two unrelated sessions the client came to discuss issues related to selling or buying a house. Hidden behind the “real estate problems” was an unconscious need to return “home”, to their inner home. It became clear during the session that the client needed to reconnect with a long lost, more authentic self.  Once this reconnexion done, both clients could go ahead and finalise successfully their real estate projects.

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