Opening The Heart Centre

Accepting what is in the moment, is a quality of the heart. It is the beginning of LOVE.

This meditation is based on a technique shared by OSHO and according to him ‘sometimes a heart full of love is there but it is like a bud, not like a flower, the petals are closed. This bud can become a flower’ (OSHO, A Course in Meditation).

It will help you open your Heart Centre and allow Love to flow more freely withing your own system an also towards others.

The meditation is 30 minutes and it is fully guided. It is finished when you hear 3 gongs. You need to sit in a comfortable position, with your spine straight. You will be invited to work with your breath. You will be invited first to exhale till ALL the air is out of the lungs and pause and let your lungs remain empty for as long as possible. ‘When the air comes rushing back it will open the petals of the heart centre‘ (OSHO, A Course in Meditation)